2018 Winners of Haiku Expo sponsored by Arizona Matsuri

Many haiku lovers/writers from Tucson won Outstanding or Honorable mentions in this year’s 2018 Haiku Expo contest, sponsored by the Arizona Matsuri committee. The statewide winners are listed with their haiku poems at this link:


List of Tucson winners below, some of whom are volunteers with our Southern Arizona Japanese Cultural coalition (SAJCC).

Jaclyn Mona, Tucson, Honorable Mention, volunteer with SAJCC,  in University/Adult category, page 62:

Jaclyn Mona

“adobe brown head

peck-peck, knock-knock-knock rhythm

happy with palm trees”


Japanese Language winners, pages 68 to 73:

Hitomi McKnight, Tucson Japanese Language School

Hitomi McKnight

(Sensei), two Outstanding, one Honorable Mention

Hitomi’s Outstanding haiku:

sandaru to kasa de sukippu niwaka ame”

momo denaku kiiro no hana mite bokyo no haru”

Yukihiro Ibuki, Tucson, Outstanding and Honorable Mention. Yuki is the Director of SAJCC. Below is his Outstanding winning haiku:

Yukihiro Ibuki


fuyu yuyake bo saboten to ware no kage”


Hana McKnight,  Tucson Japanese Language School, Outstanding & Honorable Mention, 3rd grade

Azumi Uchida, Tucson Japanese Language School, Outstanding and two Honorable Mentions, 5th grade

Shinta Okabe, Tucson Japanese Language School, Outstanding & Honorable Mention, 6th grade

Shiori Okabe, Tucson Japanese Language School, three Honorable Mentions, 4th grade


Miki Pimienta, Tucson, Honorable Mention, volunteer with SAJCC:

Miki Pimienta

tomin de hara peko risu no mure hashiru”

Congratulations to all the 2018 winners on their beautiful haiku submissions.

Yuki and Miki have won these haiku contests consistently over the past few years.

Also winners in University/Adult category:

Rosemary Bryerton-Schiff, Tucson, two Outstanding

Anthony Foggiano, Tucson, Honorable Mention

4 thoughts on “2018 Winners of Haiku Expo sponsored by Arizona Matsuri

  1. おめでとうございます!Congratulations to everyone. Outstanding contribution from all participants from Tucson and across the State! We hope to see you at Matsuri this weekend.

    Until next time, be inspired, creative and share your Arizona-Inspired Haiku with the world. The free downloadable eBook collection is available at azmatsuri.org/haiku


    Arizona Matsuri Haiku Committee Chairman
    John Sachen

    • Thanks for your comments. It was inspiring to see so many winners from the Japanese Language School in Tucson. And SAJCC volunteers Yuki and Miki have been submitting winning entries for years.

    • Yes, I believe the English format has to be as you mentioned. However the Japanese language ones appear to be in a different format.

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