Bonsai Basics in person classes at Tucson Botanical Gardens in Fall, 2022

„These classes take place IN-PERSON in the Education Building Classroom here at the Gardens.

Class Dates: Sundays, September 25th, October 16th, and December 4th at 9am-12pm

Learn the art and science of bonsai with the Tucson Bonsai Society during the three-part workshop you will learn the techniques for long-term cultivation and shaping of plants in containers adapted to the horticulture of our Sonoran Desert.


  • Three classes of 3 hours each
  • Basic Class: A plant for you to choose suitable for bonsai in Tucson desert climate
  • Master Instructor, Rod McKenna will be your bonsai instructor
  • “Little Book of Bonsai” book by Jonas Dupuich as study reference material
  • Use of a variety of  bonsai tools
  • Our experienced teachers will provide hands-on assistance throughout sessions
  • Training Wire
  • Soil

Basic Class Description

Class 1, Instructors cover Bonsai basics and history.  They will demonstrate how to choose material for bonsai, and how to design the future tree with emphasis on style, visual front, trunk, limb structure and rootage.   They will demonstrate pruning and wiring helping you to learn techniques.   You will select a tree ideal for Tucson climate and begin caring and styling your tree until the next class.

Class 2.  After the plant has rested for a month, the class will share knowledge of each participant’s plant choice and will explore the best species for training bonsai in our desert environment, and what to avoid.  We will devote more on pruning and wiring, watering, fertilizers and climate.   More discussions on major styles used for training your bonsai.

Class 3.  In the final session (2 months under your care), we give plants more time to adjust for our climate change before we transplant the bonsai into a standard container.  You may purchase other pots from noted bonsai artists if you wish for an addition fee from $20-$100. Cash or check accepted.  You will be given proper bonsai mix during your repotting.  And understanding how to mix your own for other trees in your collection.“

Click the button below to register for this series (all 3 classes). Price: $140 non-member, $112 member.Sign Up For This Class

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