Japanese Cooking Classes for students (7th to 12th grades) at Emily Gray Junior High School in June

Japanese Cooking

“The week-long session introduces unique, ethnic, and simple Japanese cooking to high school and junior high students. The Japan-born instructor will teach the step by step process as well as the background story of the food. The partial menu includes rolled sushi, fried noodles, rice balls, sweets, and snacks. Please note food allergies since we plan to use seafood ingredients, eggs, and wheat. The students will also learn Japanese manners.”

Instructor: Miki Pimienta

Entering Grades 7-8

Week 2 M-F 10:00-12:00pm EGJH $55   (June 3 to 7)

Entering Grades 9-12

Week 3 M-F 10:00 – 12:00pm EGJH $55  (June 10 to 14)

To sign up for these classes:http://tanqueverdeschools.3dcartstores.com/Japanese-Cooking-Jr-High-High-School_p_995.html

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