Japanese Language & Culture summer camps at Tanque Verde Elem. School in June, 2017

For Grades 1 – 6 “Each week-long camp introduces students to Japanese language and its fascinating culture. The language lessons will teach students greetings, simple words and phrases in Japanese. Students will experience many fun hands-on activities that Japanese children enjoy in their country. Activities will include Origami, calligraphy, games, folk telling stories, songs, train toys, making & enjoying snacks, experiencing eating noodles with chopsticks, and wearing Kimonos.”

Instructor – Miki Pimienta

Cost $53 to 66  (June 12 to 16 and June 19 to 23 is $66; June 27 to 30 is $53). Scroll down in the box to find the week you are interested in.  Camps are 10 to 11:30 a.m. daily.



3 thoughts on “Japanese Language & Culture summer camps at Tanque Verde Elem. School in June, 2017

  1. Will this camp be offered next summer (2018) at Tanque Verde School?

    We did not know about this camp until today, just returning from vacation .
    We would like more information for next summer.

    • Not sure about next summer, so via email I sent you the instructor’s email to check with her. I only found out about these camps after the first week, so I posted as soon as I could. Thanks for writing.

    • My name is Miki Pimienta. I am currently conducting Japanese Language and Culture summer camp at Tanque Verde Elementary School in Tanque Verde School District. I was born and raised in Japan and have been teaching Origami at the two elementary schools in the district for seven years. This is my first time to hold Japanese summer camp. I have done a presentation on Japan at my son’s elementary school many times. Each time the students were very interested in Japanese cultures and enjoyed many activities I prepared for them. Next week is our last week to offer this camp. Since all of my students have been enjoying learning the Japanese and lots of hands on activities, I would like to offer the camp next summer again. The best way to find out about the schedule is go to their web site tanqueverdeschools.org and click on community programs. The on line schedule for the summer will be available in May. If you would like to find out the details, please email me. Thank you for your interest. Miki

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