Japanese performances, food & culture at 2019 Tucson Meet Yourself

Annual Tucson folklife festival downtown at Jacome Plaza.

The festival occupies 4 city blocks and Jacomé Plaza, in front of the Joel D. Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone Avenue in downtown Tucson.

Jacomé Plaza: Food, City of Gastronomy
Pennington St.: Community Matters, Folk Arts
Church Ave.: Food, Yaqui & O’odham Pavillion, Duke’s Car Show
Stone Ave.: Food


Friday, October 11 | 11am – 10pm (no performances between 2 and 5pm on Friday, but plenty of food and folk art)
Saturday, October 12 | 11am – 10pm
Sunday, October 13 | 11 am-6 pm

Japanese cultural performances/activities:

Odaiko Sonora taiko drummers perform on Sat. 5 p.m. Church Ave. Stage.

UA Kyudo & AZ Kyudo Kai (Japanese archery) on Sun. 11:30 a.m Church Ave. Stage, and Mari Kaneta’s traditional Japanese dances on Sun. 2:30 p.m. Alameda Stage

Takoyaki Balls (Japan) F39 food booth (see festival map)

Takoyaki/ramen booth at Tucson Meet Yourself, with owner Tomomi Katz (2nd from left, back row)

Folk arts:

Chieko “Chi” Nakano, Origami
Akiko Victorson, Japanese Shodo Calligraphy

UA East Asian Studies Professor Chieko “Chi” Nakano teaching origami at Tucson Meet Yourself



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