Otaku-Shogatsu, Fat Fox Style at Otaku Nation on Dec. 29

 “Akemashite Omedetogozaimasu!”

“Come celebrate New Years a little bit early at Otaku Nation with your FAVORITE maids and butlers!  Dec. 29, 6 to 10 p.m. at Otaku Nation, 3919 E. Pima St. (NE corner of Pima St. and Alvernon Ave.)

We’re enjoying a small taste of Japanese Oshōgatsu traditions and food, in addition to some of the other treats and entertainment you’ve come to enjoy over the past few Fat Fox events!

*** TICKETS ARE $7 PER PERSON *** THE FIRST 7 PAID ENTRIES COME WITH A NEW YEARS GIFT BAG, and all attendees will be entered for the raffle at the end of the evening!!! ***

> Write your wishes for the new year and hang them from our festival tree!

> Send our kawaii New Years postcards to your loved ones!

> Maybe you welcome Toshigami-sama every New Years… but if you don’t, at least bring your waifu/husbando to the shrine and leave offerings for them!

> There will be lots of delicious food & drink with which to celebrate, including mochi and green tea!

> We will have an interesting twist on FUKUWARAI…


> Yes, to answer your question, there will be an abundance of games and fun for all!

Enjoy a fun evening under lantern light, with good food, friends, fun, drink, games, prizes, cuteness overload… how else would you rather spend your evening??? 🦊??”

~Fat Fox Overlord~

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