Saxophonist Nobuya Sugawa in concert at UA Holsclaw Hall on May 9, with pianist Minako Koyanagi

Holsclaw Hall is at 1017 N. Olive Rd. (south of Speedway, east of Park Ave.) in Tucson on the University of Arizona campus.

“The University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music will be Sugawa’s first stop on his 2017 United States tour. The master class will feature UA students of Dr. Edward Goodman. The recital will include compositions by composers Giuliano Caccini, Geroge Gershwin, Chick Corea, Johann Sebastian Bach and Takashi Yoshimatsu. This event and tour is made possible by Yamaha.

About the Guest Artist:

One of Japan’s most distinguished saxophonists, Nobuya Sugawa studied at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music and has always been admired by many young Japanese saxophonists.

Sugawa makes about 100 recital and concert appearances a year and he has recorded more than 25 CDs, including highly acclaimed Takashi Yoshimatsu’s Saxophone Concerto Cyber-bird with BBC Philharmonic (CHANDOS) and MADE IN JAPAN (Toshiba-EMI), the Japanese contemporary works.

He has worked with most of Japan’s leading orchestras, The Philharmonia, BBC Philharmonic, Eastman Wind Ensemble, Orchestra d’Harmonie de la Garde Republicaine, and Aargauer Symphonie Orchester in Switzerland, Wutterbergische Philharmonie in Germany. He is appointed to a concert master of the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra and a resident conductor of Yamaha Symphonic Band.

In 2001, he has worked with NHK Symphony Orchestra on their regular program, conducted by Charles Dutoit. He toured with the jazz bassist Ron Carter in 2000 and with the guitarist Martin Taylor in 2002. In 2003, he played at Musikverein Brahmssaal, Wien. He has also given master classes at music colleges throughout Japan, Europe and the States. Nobuya Sugawa is a Yamaha Performing Artist.
About the Pianist:

Minako Koyanagi is from Niigata prefecture, located in the central area of Japan. Her career as a pianist deserves high praise for her chamber music performances. As the wife of saxophonist Nobuya Sugawa, she has been performing with him for more than 30 years. She has played the piano parts of almost all duo pieces written by Messrs. Takashi Yoshimatsu, Akira Nishimura, Jun Nagao, and many others. Above all, she played as the second-soloist when they performed “Cyber Bird” by Takashi Yoshimatsu with Philharmonia Orchestra. This performance attracted wide attention both in Japan and UK.

Koyanagi has been performing with Sugawa in more than 10 CD albums. Along with Sugawa, doing concerts and teaching master classes, she has worked in countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Netherland, Spain, Austria, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Mexico, Malaysia, and Thailand.”

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