“The Southern Arizona Japanese Cultural Coalition (SAJCC) is established to unify the greater Japanese community in Tucson and Southern Arizona. The SAJCC shall be an organization for Japanese American families and individuals, Japanese Nationals and their families, people and organizations promoting Japanese language, history, arts, and cultural activities, and anyone interested in Japanese culture. The SAJCC is meant to be inclusive.”

SAJCC Council members are: Crystal Akazawa, Carolyn Sugiyama Classen, M. Fumie Craig, Patricia Deridder, Karen Falkenstrom, Jonathan Holtrop, Yuki Ibuki, K Negley, Ginger Sugimoto, Denise Uyehara, Dr. Min & Evelyn Yanagihashi.

Consultants are Yuko Konishi, Dr. Yosei Sugawara, Wayne Tanaka (former Council members, now out of town). Past Council members: Yukari Katayama, Heather Nagami, Ross Iwamoto.

SAJCC has successfully sponsored four Japanese New Year’s Mochitsuki (mochi pounding) celebrations in January 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.  The first was held at Yume Japanese Gardens of Tucson, the 2nd at Rhythm Industry Performance Factory (home of Odaiko Sonora), the third at Pima Community College Downtown campus.    Another successful event was the Tucson Japanese Festival  (new name) on January 14, 2017, also held at PCC Downtown. SAVE THE DATE:  2018 Tucson Japanese Festival set for Sat. January 20, 2018 at PCC Downtown.

Founder/1st Director of SAJCC was Ross Iwamoto (2012 to 2016). 2nd Director was Wayne Tanaka (March to June, 2016). 3rd Director is Yuki Ibuki, started in July, 2016 as Interim, and became Director in May, 2017.

Webmaster is Jonathan Holtrop, and Editor Carolyn Classen is posting the articles/updates and calendar listings, and sends out info on the listserve (time permitting). SAJCC logo was designed by Crystal Akazawa, who is also creating the posters and flyers.Treasurer is Karen Falkenstrom of Odaiko Sonora. Secretary is K Negley who takes the meeting minutes & handles correspondence. Carolyn is also the Chair of the Nominating Committee.

Contact us easily via the Contact Us page, or write to K at communications@southernazjapan.org. Our  SAJCC facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/southernazjapan/

SAJCC members started meeting in 2012, and formally set up this website in Nov. 2012.