Wood turner Lynne Yamaguchi receives $4000 New Works grant

Lynne Yamaguchi – “Repair, Remake, Redeem”

“A visual art project making, deconstructing, and reconstructing wood vessels or constructing new forms from their pieces while posing the question, “How do we make whole the brokenness of the world?””

“Five artists have been awarded $4,000 each to start innovative new art projects thanks to the New Works Artist Project Grant. The New Works Grant seeks to support diverse, innovative artwork created and produced by artists in the City of Tucson and Pima County. This year’s recipients explore new mediums and inventive presentation techniques — addressing themes like race, community, trauma, and healing in creative ways. This grant round features projects in the categories of visual arts, literary arts, and video/film/moving image.” (Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona)

More on artist Lynne Yamaguchi: www.lynneyamaguchi.com.

Consul General Akira Muto to speak on “Japan’s Strategy to Respond to COVID 19 Pandemic” on July 29

Speaker: Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles MUTO Akira

“Consul General Muto’s overseas postings before arriving in Los Angeles in August 2019 include two assignments in Russia (Moscow), and in the U.S., to Washington D.C., and Boston. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies just prior to his current position. This is his first time working in the U.S. southwest, serving the jurisdiction of Southern California and Arizona. He is greatly honored to be able to serve as consul general in a region with such deep ties to Japan.”

To learn learn more about Consul General Muto: click here

New mural “Stillness” by Yu Yu Shiratori at MSA Annex in Tucson

MSA Annex is at 267 S. Avenida del Convento, west of the I-10 (between Congress St. and Cushing Ave.). This mural is on the north facing metal fence around the Annex.

“Stillness” by Yu Yu Shiratori, courtesy of the artist
“S t i l l n e s s” explores the moral foundations on which our society is built upon: care, fairness, loyalty, authority and sanctity. When we actively choose to pause amidst a difficult situation and to investigate these elements within ourselves, we begin to create room for change. When we see the discomfort, prejudices, contradictions we hold within ourselves, we are better suited to understand how it shows up in the world. A hand that plants seeds can nurture generations of beautiful growth, yet the same hand is capable of neglect and destruction. Society constantly oscillates between social growth and regression, and as individuals we have the ability to practice stillness in movement.”

Yu Yu painted this mural during the hot summer month of June, 2020, during the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Stillness” mural at MSA Annex, with “A” Mountain in background, courtesy of the artist