2017 Haiku Contest winners for Arizona Matsuri

Once again Yukihiro Ibuki (now Interim Director of SAJCC) and active SAJCC volunteer Miki Pimienta have won Outstanding and Honorable Mentions in the 2017 Arizona Matsuri haiku contest, under the Japanese Language section.  Both Yuki and Miki are originally from Japan, living now in Tucson.   Read their submissions here (page 46 and thereafter):


Yuki received three Outstanding awards and Miki received one Outstanding and two Honorable Mentions.  Congratulations to both writers for their lovely submissions, two of which are reprinted below.

Miki’s Outstanding haiku:

“二百年生きた証の骨さぼてん Ni hyaku-nen ikita akashi no hone sabo ten

the cactus bones, evidence of its existence two hundred years ago”

Outstanding Haiku     Miki, Tucson

One of Yuki’s Outstanding haiku:

“春の雲旅人集うオアシスに Haru no kumo tabibito tsudou oashisu ni

springs clouds, an oasis provided for travellers to gather”

Outstanding Haiku     Yukihiro I , Tucson

Yukihiro Ibuki, from FB page

Miki Pimienta, from FB page

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