Japanese kyudo (archery) demo at Yume Japanese Gardens on March 31

“Shooting the Japanese bamboo bow was once a battlefield skill of samurai. Today kyudō, “the Way of the Bow,” is a character-building art, a form of self-development that teaches the archer to cultivate technical precision, a clear mind, and freedom from distractions and fear.

Members of Tucson’s Arizona Kyudo Kai will draw their nearly eight-foot-long bows at Yume and let shafts fly from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on March 31. They’ll also explain the ceremonial etiquette, traditional dress, and shooting procedures and stances that make Japanese archery a discipline for both body and mind, simultaneously competitive and meditative.

As an arrow feels the pull of the earth, you’ll feel the pull of kyudō at this exceptional event. Admission to the demonstration is $15 for adults and $5 for children ages three to 15, and includes Gardens entry. Free for Yume members.”

www.yumegardens.org, 2130 N. Alvernon Way. Tucson

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