Japanese performances, cultural arts, & food at Tucson Meet Yourself on Oct. 12 to 14

Tucson Meet Yourself, annual folk life festival to be held only at Jacome Plaza outside of Joel D. Valdez main library (101 N. Stone Avenue) and the neighboring streets of Church Avenue, Pennington Street, and Stone Avenue.

Friday, October 12 | 11am – 10pm (no performances between 2 and 5pm on Friday, but plenty of food and folk art)
Saturday, October 13 | 11am – 10pm
Sunday, October 14 | 11 am-6pm

Odaiko Sonora taiko drummers  performs on Oct. 13, at 5 p.m. at the Church Avenue stage (just south of Alameda St.)

Karen Falkenstrom (right), founder of Odaiko Sonora drumming

October 14, all at Church Ave. Stage:

Aikido Shoubu Dojo at 11 a.m.

UA Kyudo & AZ Kyudo Kai (Japanese archery) at 11:30 a.m.

Suzuyuki Kai traditional kabuki dance performance at 3 p.m.

Schedule:  www.tucsonmeetyourself.org


6 takoyaki (octopus) balls

Info about Tomomi Katz’s Takoyaki booth (also serving Japanese curry/rice this year):

“Our booth this year will be on Pennington and Stone, close to U of A store in downtown. This time, we are planning to cook Takoyaki, and Japanese Curry 🍛 rice. 😊 We hope to see you at the booth.”

Takoyaki/ramen booth at 2017 Tucson Meet Yourself, with owner Tomomi Katz (2nd from left, back row, and husband Michael Katz to her left)

Japanese cultural arts  will be taught on Pennington Street (see map for Folks Art area):
Akiko Victorson – Japanese Shodo calligraphy
Chieko (Chi) Nakano – origami

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