Karen Falkenstrom of Odaiko Sonora to present “One Spirit, One Path” on July 15 at Sacred Space Tucson


Karen Falkenstrom on the right, drumming.

Live music by Odaiko Sonora begins at 4:15 p.m.. Ward 6 office’s address is 3202 E. 1st St. Tucson (SE corner of Anderson Blvd, east of Country Club Rd.)

“Karen will tap into her personal experience to explore how a dedicated practice becomes a life path. In her case, taiko (Japanese ensemble drumming) is the practice that became her journey. Personal expression, courage, discipline, teamwork, service and community are what taiko embodies for serious practitioners, but any practice you choose can be the path.

Karen Falkenstrom is the co-founder and Director of Odaiko Sonora, Tucson’s taiko (Japanese drumming) team. Since 2002, Karen and her group members have given over a thousand performances at (mainly) local events. Karen has traveled throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Japan to teach, perform and train in taiko and Japanese folk traditions. As a spiritual path, taiko engages all aspects of being into an exhilarating practice; a practice that has at its core the ideas of community and service.”


“Sacred Space is a secular and interfaith community in Tucson for personal and community growth where all are welcome to gather weekly for inspiration from the world’s spiritual traditions, varied local musicians and speakers, and community connection. Coupling contemplative wisdom with research-based practices, Sacred Space also offers small groups and classes, all with the aim of bringing together inner resources to drive social change.

The Sacred Space mission is to cultivate compassion and be a source of public renewal and contemplative education so that we can increase our capacity to work together toward collaborative solutions. This work is based in thecurrent global movement for building compassionate community which is dedicated to generating understanding and cooperation between people of all backgrounds and beliefs.”

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