New mural “Stillness” by Yu Yu Shiratori at MSA Annex in Tucson

MSA Annex is at 267 S. Avenida del Convento, west of the I-10 (between Congress St. and Cushing Ave.). This mural is on the north facing metal fence around the Annex.

“Stillness” by Yu Yu Shiratori, courtesy of the artist
“S t i l l n e s s” explores the moral foundations on which our society is built upon: care, fairness, loyalty, authority and sanctity. When we actively choose to pause amidst a difficult situation and to investigate these elements within ourselves, we begin to create room for change. When we see the discomfort, prejudices, contradictions we hold within ourselves, we are better suited to understand how it shows up in the world. A hand that plants seeds can nurture generations of beautiful growth, yet the same hand is capable of neglect and destruction. Society constantly oscillates between social growth and regression, and as individuals we have the ability to practice stillness in movement.”

Yu Yu painted this mural during the hot summer month of June, 2020, during the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Stillness” mural at MSA Annex, with “A” Mountain in background, courtesy of the artist

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