2019 AZ Matsuri haiku contest winners

Every year the Arizona Matsuri festival in Phoenix sponsors a statewide haiku contest with various categories by age or Japanese language ability. This year’s winners from Tucson are listed in the 2019 Ebook:


Miki Pimienta (Japanese language) – 3 Outstanding, SAJCC Councilmember & volunteer, page 66

“花⽕より雷落ちて臨場感 hanabi yori kaminari ochite rinjokan” (one of Miki’s Outstanding haiku)

Miki Pimienta


Hitomi McKnight (Japanese language) – 2 Outstanding, Tucson Japanese Language School Sensei, page 67

“腕たれるサワロの冬に思い馳す ude tareru sawaro no fuyu ni omoi hasu” (one of Hitomi’s outstanding haiku)

Hitomi McKnight


Hana McKnight (Japanese language) – 2 Outstanding, Tucson Japanese Language School student, 4th Grade, page 65

Aira Takeda (Japanese language) – one Outstanding, 2 Honorable Mentions, Tucson Japanese School student, 1st grade, pages 67 and 71

Azumi Uchida (Japanese language) – 2 Outstanding, one Honorable mention, Tucson Japanese Language School student, 6th grade, pages 68 and 71


My UA professor husband Albrecht Classen – University & Adult – honorable mention, SAJCC volunteer, page 56

“hostile desert screams

return to our rocky home

thirst and ever strife”

Professor Albrecht Classen


Other Tucson winners:

Anthony Foggiano – University & Adult – one Outstanding, one Honorable mention

Stuart Watkins- University & Adult, Honorable mention

Here’s the link to read all these haiku: https://www.azmatsuri.org/haiku

Congratulations to all the winners, many of whom are SAJCC volunteers.

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