Shakuhachi workshops by Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos at Solar Culture on March 13 & 14

How to Tame a Dragon:
A Workshop on Shakuhachi Fundamentals

“Renowned shakuhachi teacher and maker, Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos will be conducting a workshop on the fundamentals of playing the shakuhachi
\flute. He will teach powerful and useful techniques to improve your
shakuhachi playing and broaden and deepen your enjoyment of the

Solar Culture
31 East Toole, Tucson

March 13/14
12 noon – 4 pm

How much:
$100 per person per day
(space rental will be equally divided between all participants)

What to bring:
Please bring your shakuhachi, note pad, or any recording device.

For more information about Alcvin and his work, please go to his

Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos is one of the foremost teachers, performers and

makers of shakuhachi in North America. Since 1998, he has been involved in his community, teaching shakuhachi and collaborating with local
artists and travels internationally, presenting solo and collaboration
concerts. With an intimate knowledge of the koten honkyoku
(traditional solo Zen-inspired pieces) and the structure of the flute,
Alcvin makes finely crafted shakuhachi flutes for meditation and musicalplaying. Every few years, he takes shakuhachi students to Japan to learn how to harvest bamboo for making shakuhachi and to visit sacred places around the country in order to deepen their understanding of the
Alcvin presently lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, where he is the director of the Bamboo-In, a retreat center dedicated to the
practice of shakuhachi. “

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